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Absolutely delicious!

The brigadeiros were delicious, a wonderful taste of Brazil!

Fabulous chocolates!

We all love these Brigaderos! Bought instead of Easter eggs and everyone was delighted. Flavours are great. Texture sublime.

Vegan Sugar-Free Chocolate Heart
Alex Pinto
Great gift for mother's day and any other day.

Proper chocolate. Quality with taste and beautiful.


These are pure luxury chocolates. Extremely decadent. A real treat.


The packaging was heavily scented/perfumed and this did transfer to the contents, making them taste unpleasant. The scent did gradually disappear after a few days in the fridge. Sadly this rather marred the enjoyment of the chocolates, but if you can find out the cause of the issue, then I'm sure the product is great - I especially liked the coffee flavour, and appreciated that generally they were not overly sweet.

Hi Claire, I'm really sorry to hear about your experience. We don't add any scent or perfume to the packaging of any kind so I'm at a loss as to what happened. Perhaps something else spilled on it in transit? I will send you a replacement box as I would like you to experience our Brigadeiros the way they are meant to be and I will notify you when it is shipped. My sincere apologies again, Raquel

Valentine's Day Selection Box
Adams Matute

Love brigadeiros generally, but these are the best we've ever tasted. Every flavour is delicious, elegant and well made. Highly recommend

A Wonderful Discovery!

I actually won a box if 16 mixed brigadeiros in a raffle and gad never tried them before - what a revelation! Deliciously different. The salted caramel flavour were a particular favourite.


Delicious and delivered on time.

Christmas Brigadeiro Selection Box (12 Pieces)
Fantastic chocolates!

These looked and tasted amazing! Beautifully presented too.

Brigadeiros 16 Pcs Selection Box

'Tradicional' Brigadeiros
Malcolm Hadley
Have your name on the box

Everyone you sell should come back


I received this as a gift from my son and his wife for Christmas and we all enjoyed it after dinner. Really delicious!

They were delicious and arrived on time thank you


Absolutely delicious chocolates with beautiful packaging. Love that you cna mix and match.

Fantastic chocolates!!!

These Brigaderos are amazing! We chose 4 types and they were all gorgeous! Beautifully wrapped too so made great presents.

Coffee Infused Brigadeiros
Malcolm Hadley

We did not tell the whole family as there would be enough for all so better to keep for myself which makes me like Scrooge but I get to taste all

Delicious and Beautifully Presented

Such wonderful Brazilian chocolates. Clearly hand made with love and packaged with skill and attention. We will be back for many more. Thank you!!


beautiful gift for my daughter and her husband. They both loved it.

Crunchy Hazelnut Brigadeiros
Kirsty B
Fantastic chocolates

These are really lovely and great as a very high quality gift for Nutella lovers. I bought these for my Mums birthday and she has requested more for Christmas.
Lovely packaging and excellent delivery


Delicious, Presentation fabulous, really loved trying the different flavours, would highly recommend and the service was five star thank you so much

Crème Brûlée Brigadeiros
Kirsty B
Just like the dessert - delicious

Hello - these chocolates taste exactly like creme brûlée and are amazing. They are rich and great as a gift or a special treat. Can’t recommend them enough!

The most delightful delicious thing ever!

So I've bought from here myself and these are absolutely sublime! The customer seller communication is amazing! Thank you so much

Give me more!

Super delicious - fresh and full of flavour. I will be going back to try ALL the flavours. Great customer service, too. An all round lovely experience.

Vegan Keto Hazelnut Brigadeiros
Alison G.

I tried these at the Great british food festival a couple of weeks ago and they were delicious. I'm sorry I only got a small box now! I will definitely be ordering some more!

Vegan Keto Strawberry Brigadeiros
Simon H.

I bought some of these in a mixed box in the vegan market in St Albans a couple of weeks ago. They're surprisingly soft but taste amazing and I will definitely order some again! Simon