About Chocolinho

About Chocolinho

Brigadeiros are Brazil's favourite chocolate treat, handmade fresh using the finest chocolate and hand-rolled in a selection of nuts and various other delights.  Each sumptuous bite is a hit of intense chocolate with a firm but yielding texture.  They are Brazil's best-kept secret and unlike anything you have ever had before.

CHOCOLINHO Brigadeiros are individually handcrafted-to-order in Hertford by Raquel, who fondly remembers making them with her aunts and grandmother for every special family occasion.  She is delighted to now be able to share the chocolate delights from her home country of Brazil to the UK.


About Me

Hi there!  My name is Raquel.  I come from a city in Brazil called Recife which is located just below the Equator.  My husband says it is paradise because the temperature varies between 25 and 30 degrees all year round (hardly anybody even owns a jumper, never mind a coat!).  I grew up in a large extended family, typical of Brazil, so I always had aunts and uncles and cousins around.  I remember my aunts and I used to always make brigadeiros for every party (which were very often), be it a birthday, a graduation or a wedding.

I met my husband David on a 2010 trip to Ireland (he’s Irish obviously) and we were engaged to be married in 2011.  However, I was still studying for my medical degree in Brazil and both he and I thought it was best if I finished my degree and qualified as a doctor before moving over here full time.  The next few years were very tough as we could only see each other every 4 or 5 months when there was a break in the academic term.  During those years David got a job in London and moved back there (he had lived there for around 5 years, before we met).  Finally, in 2015 I completed my degree at the Federal University of Pernambuco as a qualified doctor and moved to the UK to be with my husband with the aim to re-qualify my certification and become a doctor here.

Unfortunately (well, fortunately really), life had other plans.  In November 2016, our son was born, with his two little sisters following soon after in 2018 and 2019.  As a result, studying medicine and the long hours potentially ahead of me as a junior doctor took a backseat to the very real and very time-consuming job of being a full-time mum.  It also meant I now had a family of my own to share these delights with and to create our own memories together.  Thus Chocolinho was born and now I can share these wonderful treats with everyone else too!

Raquel xxx